Totally new to qualifications!!

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Hi all, i'm just after a bit of advice on some new qualifications.
I left school 8years ago and now aged 25 my employer (who i've been with for the 8 years) says they want me to get some qualifications.
I looked about and thought the MCDST may be my level.
The only thing i've ever done was a computing standard grade in school.
I've had a few different types of jobs but am now 100% computer helper type guy, so this seems a good start.
I think i know enough to do this exam but is there anyway i could take a mock test to see how far off the mark i am?
Should i do another qualification first?
I'm a 'Web & systems support officer' in an office with about 40 staff, and will be looking to do a web kinda thing after this.
Thanks alot for any info.


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    hi, welcome to the site!

    Sorry if this may seem personal, but what was the highest education you completed? If you dont feel like you want to discuss that, you dont have to.

    The reason I ask is because I think if you can complete a college diploma or university degree, it's worth it.

    MCDST is definitely a good choice, if it relates to your company's environment, maybe even work on a MCSA. However, having the post-secondary education is really really important. I am sure lots of people succeed, and you may do fine without it, but like you will hear from lots of others here, success involves the right combination of education + certification + experience.

    Give the college/university path a thought, but meanwhile get yourself a book for MCDST if you're serious, and start reading. You're not going to get anything unless you take the first step.

    Good luck!
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    Right on BigHornSheep,

    But..... Sm81 you might want to lookover the sight a bit more... MCDST is cool... you might want to study for the xp 70-270 as well (even if you aren't taking it)... 25 is still young, man... In the eight years that you have been working there, a class here or there at a community college would begin to add up, dude... i just hope you're aiming higher than the mcdst... im a big advocate of education myself, and no its not because i want everyone to have double-digit thousand dollar student loan debt like i do icon_wink.gif
    Nah, but go for the MCDST... brush up on your xp as well... you should be ok for a while... then aim higher... because if your job lets you go........ icon_sad.gif
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    Hi, the highest i got was standard grades, i didn't take any highers.
    I got a few modules in computer related subjects aswell, but can remember which ones off the top of my head.
    As i said, i think i may just go for this, as the environment i've been working in for the past few years has taught me alot about troubleshooting windows & office problems.
    If i could somehow have a look at sample of 10-20 random questions i could gauge exactly where i am.
    Thanks again
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    have a look at sample of 10-20 random questions
    What you should be looking for is "practice questions". You probably don't want to give the impression you are looking for samples of the actual exam. There aren't that many practice exams available for the MCDST, but if you try for example, you may be able to find one or more free demos of commercial practice exams.

    Also make sure you use the free MCDST Microsoft Clinic course at
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    Hi sm81,

    The MCDST consists of two different exams, covering (mostly) different material. They aren't necessarily difficult exams, but I do believe you will want to study (not just review some questions, and then sit the exams). At the very least, I would suggest (as Webmaster did) doing the free MCDST Microsoft Clinic, review the TechNotes on Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance sections here at TechExams, and be sure you can pass over 85% of the questions on the 70-270 practice test here (that will help with the 70-271 exam).

    The MCDST is definitely a good certification to begin with, to reinforce your skills and make sure you have a baseline of support for MS WinXP, IE, and Office.

    You also mentioned web as a pursuit after this, and the CompTIA i-Net+ or the CIW Associate (Foundations Exam) are great certifications covering the foundations for web and internet technologies in general.

    Best of luck,
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