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Any last minute suggestions for taking the OS exam???? Any would be appreciated. I am taking the exam tomorrow at 3pm est. A bit nervous, but I was this way when I took the hardware and I scored a 745. I am averaging abot a 75 on my preactice exams and i am still going at them.. Are there any questions on ME? Hope not, it seems the Boson exam preps have a ,lot of questions regarding ME. Also, any free sites I can go to for last minute exam prep. Thanks for all your help in advance..........Here goes nothing!!! icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Good Luck
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    Surprisingly A good part of my test was over XP and 2000. Just take your time and read the questions throughly. I also had lots of questions over where you look in case's of certain types of errors. EventViewer, Dr. Watson, MSINFO, and the likes. Don't know if you've been to this site yet but at this link they have 1 free 80 question test and after you've made 2 post you can access the other two 80 question test. Plus they have study quides and lots of Crib sheets. Good Luck tomorrow. On the good note you have until June 2007 now.
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    Good luck!
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    How'd you do?

    I'm taking mine tomorrow. Reviewing like crazy right now....
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