Scheduled Tasks - Disk Defragmentation

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According to the MS 70-290 Study Guide by Transcender on page 42, it says that you can use the Scheduled Tasks to run the Disk Defragmenter at predetermined times.

Imediately I rushed to my server and checked if this was possible. It was not on the list of avaliable tasks, so I browsed to the exe in the system32 directory.

However I do not believe this is the correct methood to do this. No other information is provided in the guide.

I would assume that maybe some script needs to be written to do this from the command prompt.

or is the correct method to place in the run section something like:

.../defrag.exe c: -v



  • FijianTribeFijianTribe Member Posts: 62 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Ok, here is what I have found:

    According to Microsoft, the Trancsender is WRONG and CANNOT be scheduled.

    Anyone have proof or know this not to be true?

    I'm about to send another email to the Trancsender guide. There was already another typo in which they claimed that Striped volumes were fault tolerant.
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    I have my servers set to automatically defrag once a week using task scheduler.

    create a batch file and just type in one simple command:

    defrag.exe <drive>

    set that batch file as the task to run at whatever interval you want.
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    I sat through the Learnkey on this last night.
    Accorning to them you go into the task scheduler, you will notice that Defrag is not on the list so browse to the .exe in system 32.
    when you go to complete the task entry there is a tick box for advance settings, this will then allow you to ...\defrag.exe c: -f (force defrag of c:)

    Hope this might help.


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    ...\defrag.exe c: -f (force defrag of c: )

    ok, here is what i will do:

    ../defrag.exe c: -v (because I do what to see something come back I will do verbose.) I already know there is enough free space, so I am not going to use -f in this case.
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    Sounds like that should work fine.
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