Cisco SND 642-551 done

Just got back from the testing center and finally I am only one exam away from being able to call myself Cisco Certified Security Professional.

Talk about an easy I assume that Cisco retires that exam on 12/31/06 because its way too easy.

To study for the exam I have used the Cisco Press IPS Self Study Guide, Cisco Press CSVPN Self Study Guide and the Cisco Press SNPA Self Study Guide to study for the exam. A lot of the material on the test is basic stuff and I mean basic. I think you would be able to pass the exam by reading the Cisco Press Network Security Fundamentals book alone.

I am planning on taking the SNPA PIX Security Appliance exam by the end of January. After that I'll jump straight into the CCIE Security material and maybe I'll join the CCIE 2007 topic in the CCIE section.....more about that later...



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