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How many questions can you miss and still pass the Linux+ exam? I see that it's based on a 100 - 900 scale and a passing score is 675. So does this mean that the max amount of questions you can miss is 23 and still get an overall 76%? Someone out there knows the answer. Let me know, thanks!!


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    First, your calculations are wrong.
    If the scoring was 0-900, you'd need 76%.
    Because the range of scores is 100-900, you'd need 84% to pass if all of the questions are weighted the same.

    None of what I said above really matters, though, because different questions are worth different amounts of points, and some questions might not even be worth any points. Another factor is that you lose points for either unanswered questions or incorrect responses. I found all of this out after taking my A+ exams.

    All of that makes it impossible to make an accurate prediction of your score.

    Also, there might not be the advertised number of questions on the test. The site I got my information from said there'd be 80 questions on my tests, there were 100. What I'm saying is that you might not get exactly 98 questions.

    All you can do is study and do your best.
    Good luck, tell us how it went!
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    Hi, guys
    I'm not to sure about this fact but as far as my knowalge goes you lose more points if you get the easy questions wrong than if you get the hard ones wrong. Getting the same, hard-more points , easy-less than the hard points
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