Any one knows where I can get volunteer cisco position

I live in Maryland and I know how to configure cisco routers and switches in a network environment. I have gotten a couple of jobs offers as a network engineer not that I can't perform on the job but the confidence of not to disapoint. I have a huge cisco lab in my house where I do everything from PIX to CCNP stuff. Does anyone know of any volunter cisco position in MD,DC or VA. I want to get my hands dirty with real world cisco equipment not home lab crap.


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    At my old training centre there used to be a lot of volunteer type work doing all sorts of IT related task's, including some cisco router and switch config. Now, im not sure of your location but maybe you could try going through one of these centres and asking for any information you can obtain. However they very well might offer those type of volunteer jobs to student's first (for experience).

    Anyway hope this info helps some.

    edit: Ahh you mentioned Maryland in the US. Maybe the same sort of possibilities will arrise from that avenue, give it a shot.
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