Add me to the list who have failed :P

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Yep, I failed my 70-270 exam for the second time. My first score from last year was 514. Yesterday's attempt got me to 587.

The first attempt I was using the Microsoft Windows XP Professional Academic Learning Series Textbook which I purchased when I took XP at my tech school in 2004. I had a tough time with this book because I found that it didn't explain concepts in enough detail enough. The Book CD never worked. I attempted to try and contact somebody through Microsoft about the CD issue, but I never got any response. During my school time, I barely passed this course because I don't have adequate notes to study from.

For my second time, I went out and purchased the Installing, Configuring & Administering Windows XP Professional Self-Paced Training Kit. I liked it because it did outdid my other textbook hugely. It had a nice objective card which I have ripped out and kept as a reference with my text.

I am discouraged from failing, yet I shouldn't be too surprised because I still have knowledge gaps for some areas and I am well knowledged for the other parts. I will have to go through my results to decide on a more effective plan.

Christmas is just 4 days away so I plan on taking a few weeks to enjoy my holidays and then focus on another task. Previously, I have been studying XP since Nov and I rescheduled my exam 3 times to yesterday.


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    Sorry to hgear you failed again.

    Dont take this wrong but from your post it sounds like you didnt expect to pass or wasnt ready just take it on board and make sure your 100% ready next time.

    Remember its never really failing its just more practice + experience for next time. :D

    Have a good holiday, Happy Christmas and get stuck in again in the new year. Just find a medium that helps you best and helps it stick in your head.

    I mostly learn from practical work and videos hence who my study revolves around setting up labs and watchins CBT's etc. People have different ways of learning and different ways that work better than others. Just find this, remind yourself of why your doing it and nail it next time. Im 100% you'll get there when your ready.

    Good Luck.
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    Sorry about the fail again.

    Study up after the holidays, then get back in there.

    You can do it! icon_santa.gif
    WIP Vacation ;-)

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