How time to prepare ccna!

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At first I would like to tell you, I'm not write english very well! I'm french.
Then excuse me about errors of writing.

i just finished to learn "intro" and "icnd" at "Globalknowledge" in France.
It was hard to learning all in 8 days!

The instructor told us, that taking 2 weeks preparations to attempt exam!
It seems short! One months is already short for me!

I would like that you tell me how time it take you to pass exam CCNA??

Which method did you choose to learn all and success ccna??

( I like this site) There is not much site about cisco as well as this..

thank for your answers, and excuse me, about my english level icon_cool.gif


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    Firstly hello and welcome,

    You are in a good position as you have been on an intructor led course so always a bonus.

    Having said that CCNA is not an easy exam

    first top I reccomend you go here

    Also have a look over some of the older forums, everyone has a differing opinoin on the best method, but hands on is a real bonus with this and really makes a diffrence. Do you have your own equipment? simulators? or access to equipment?

    Also checkout some of the technotes and techsims on this site.

    Good luck
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
  • dimitritdimitrit Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you! it answers quikly in this site!!!


    I have boson simulator, it's a really good tool to self study without equipment.
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    I have been to Paris before. It is where I proposed to my wife. Nice city.

    Depending on how much you already know before taking the instructor course would determine if you are ready. If you have had little to no expereince with CISCO CCNA topics, then I doubt anyone could pass in just 8 days of training. It would be overload for anyone.

    Try studying a couple months, and then go into it. Try to apply what you learned in the class with your self-study, and then go for it. Some people take 1 year plus of preparation before going into the CCNA.

    - Optimus
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