VUE/Prometric needs to...

after passing my 270 this afternoon and obtaining MCSA

a fellow was in the lobby waiting for his printouts, he failed his exam in either 291, or 294, I forget...

apparently he used THE "god forbid" *cough* cough* materials...
the test center was also a private college, and I guess the receptionist knew him cause he was also taking classes there. They were talking, and I was asking a few questions....

It was surprising to me that neither of them knew about illegal nature of the material......I have been in centers where they have posters up about proper practices in certification, but besides that, VUE/prometric really needs to do more educating to their test administrators and test centers...
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    To my knowledge Vue (don't know about Prometric) do a course in order for a person to be a test administrator to administer their exams. However it is only for the test administrator, receptionists do not need to take the course (unless they administrator the exams also - one of the places where I use to work as a tech was also a Vue testing centre).

    I do not know the extent of the course, but I do know that the organisation (the testing centre) should be training up their staff about these things once they get an accredited test administrator/become an test centre as they have to explain the various forms that the people taking the exams have to sign (eg nda, etc) and answer any questions that people may ask (or at least know where to look for the answers.

    Vue (I assume Prometric also) do support the centres but the centre's also have a responsibility to ensure that they are in the "know".


    p.s. I'm in know way connected to any testing body, apart from when I sit to take an exam icon_lol.gif obiliviously
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    apparently he used THE "god forbid" *cough* cough* materials...

    What materials are these ?
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    The material that makes it pointless to even bother taking the exam and you barely know what the word study means near mind knowing how to do the things in the cert, also these same people most likely think that MCSA stands for Microsoft certified station attendant icon_lol.gif
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    no it means

    My Certifications Sh!7e Anyways :D
    Remember I.T. means In Theory ( it should works )
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