Offered new position

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Well I was recently doing desktop support for the Dallas Cowboys and apparently the word spread pretty quick about my performance. I was offered a new position for a different company where I will be the one and only Desktop/Server guy onsite. I am told I will be supporting upwards of 55-60 users/workstations. The company is going public soon and the opportunity to bring someone in under me is a possibility. This also includes a pay raise but I have yet to sit down and iron out the details.

Thought i would make a post sharing this good news. All this is because of experience plain and simple, so and so heard I was good and next thing you know..job offer with more responsibilities.

Will post the details once I have them, I know I am to start on Jan 2nd but I am going in for a few days next week on my days off (OT) to get an idea of what I will be handling.

The Network+ syudy is going well..quite well actually and hope to have it completed soon.


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