C2912-XL-EN vs. C2912-XL-A

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I'm thinking of buying a switch for my lab. The tests don't cover 1900's any more so I want an IOS based switch. Does anyone know the difference between the 2912 EN (enterprise) and 2912 A (standard) switches? Are there things I wont be able to do with the A version that I could do with the EN version? This is mostly from a CCNA perspective. I just want to do the basic VLAN/Trunking setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    hey, welcome to the site!

    EN version has modules for expansion.
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    Thanks Mr. Sheep. Been lurking around here for a while, just not a big poster. Lots of good info.
    We used 2950's in my class but I cant afford one of those. Thanks for the help.
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    For the CCNA especially, either version is more than fine. Heck, most CCNA candidates don't even use real equipment so you're doing better than most :D
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    Hands on is the way to go. I have both the Boson and Routersim(NetVis) sims and, although they are nice and help, they are limited. I just passed my ICND the other day(967). I'm trying to set up a nice lab with a server and clients so I can stay up with this stuff until I can get better employment doing it. Its so easy to forget it all if you dont do it every day.
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