Has anyone else come across this on a job board site

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One of the companies asked for your two scores for The A+ exam. Can Comptia protect us from companies asking our scores since adaptive scores dont really tell much?


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    I think the reason they ask is that A+ has been getting a bad rep lately. Many IT managers are justifiably concerned about the sheer numbers of people using **** and several I have spoken to have a thing they do to bring a little reality.
    They tend to remove anyone who claims a score greater than 1000 and lower than 700. The opinion is the range of 850 - 950 tends to be indicative of someone who studied properly for the test and also has an empathy. Myself I consider that attitude almost as invalid as the adaptive test itself - however I don't employ people ... lol
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,041 Admin
    They tend to remove anyone who claims a score greater than 1000 and lower than 700.
    Oh great. I scored a 1015 on the A+ OS exam. Do I now have to lie and say I scored 950 if I'm asked? The scores aren't on CompTIA's web site, so they'd have to take my word for it. I have actually failed employment tests because I scored too high on the written math and/or aptitude exams (for electro-mechanical manufacturing work). I never thought that I'd see that same type of mid-ranging for IT cert scores.

    And the score doesn't mean much for those of us who took the adaptive exam, unless you also tell how many questions it took you to complete the exam, and how many minutes total to answer the questions.

    I completed my A+ OS exam in 9 minutes with 20 questions. The H/W exam was one minute and two questions longer. Both exams were waaaaaay too easy.
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