Failed it again - 834 - I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!

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834 last time I got 707
planning/design : 75 % last time I got 88%
implementation/Operation 80% last time I got 60%
troubleshooting: 78% last time I got 50%
technology: 71% last time I got 50%

So I hit next after I finish the 56th question the final question of the exam with atleast 5-6 mins left on the clock, Wish I could go back to that one simulation.

I still had that one simulation in my mind that caught me seem sso easy but for some reason theres a few little things that still need to be done.

I really like to talk it over to some people because as I was driving home from College Park I thought about a few other things I could of checked and I wonder what partial credit I received. I know the other two simulations I got right, maybe I lost 1 or maybe 2 points on one because I forgot to remove invalid EIGRP AS after I added the new EIGRP AS. All the other questions were fine as expected. FREAKIN 834!!!! God damn. I walk out of the room all frustrated and the guy says oh wow you were sooo soo close what happened?? I was soo pisssed when he said that....

The one simulation I knew I bombed, I wonder if I got it, i would of passed....The proctor hands me over some paper work on some classes they hold...I am not taking any freakin classes for this exam, I am doing this on my own. I don't knwo if im more embrassed or more frustrated after failing it for a 2nd time....I am going to Miami in two days and I was hoping to have this exam under my belt before the year was out and before miami...guess not icon_cry.gif

I guess i'll try it a third time in January..I wish I could practice that one simulation with the same exact setup I always ahve problems with. I have router simulators and actual hardware so I know I could but the setup they already injected onto the routers was unique ...I'd like to tell someone about this simulation to someone who has already passed the exam, not to get answers but to explain to them what I did.....

-D icon_redface.gif


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    Almost there mate, keep focused and you'll pass next time with flying colours.
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    so close can do it - DON'T give up - good things come to those who wait.......
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    tightin up on the subnetting, OSI model, WAN stuff, routing and switch related stuff.

    create your own sims at home if you have real gear, work on the routing wan and intervlan routing basics. don't forget router and switch config statements as well.. you can't remember enough
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    keenon wrote:
    tightin up on the subnetting, OSI model, WAN stuff, routing and switch related stuff.

    create your own sims at home if you have real gear, work on the routing wan and intervlan routing basics. don't forget router and switch config statements as well.. you can't remember enough

    You know the one thing that really stressed me out and I guess I shouldnt be complaining because many people have passed it....BUT, the toggle between the simulation interface and the topology. If you toggle then you lose your telnet connection....that stressed me out so much.

    Ok I'm done complaining..taking a 1.5 week break and then hitten it hard again!!!
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    just my two cents: Know all your routing protocols backwards...
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    How extensive is the routing protocol stuff? Do you have to do anything other than get x routing protocol up and running on y network, or what? I spent so much time studying routing protocols for the INTRO then got massively let down when they were barely mentioned - I'm looking forward to routing protocols on the ICND next week.
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    Ooooo unlucky man, that was very close. Just bite the bullet, go in next time and nail it left, right and centre. Have fun in miami :)

    In answer to Paul Boz, you have to be able to get up all the main IGP's up and running as well as WAN Frame Relay and legacy DDR and ISDN (although ISDN not so much for the sims), as well as do basic troubleshooting commands to find any problems or incorrect configuration lines. If you have already done a huge amount of reading on it you will be fine.

    edit: i forgot to mention NAT configuration and switch configuration as well ^^
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  • Paul BozPaul Boz ■■■■■■■■□□ Posts: 2,621Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Thankfully the only switching you have to know is on the 2950 series, which uses an IOS similar to the routers on the sims, so it's not as bad as if one had to use a 1950 or something. The Lammle book came with a CD that covers nat in depth, so I think I'm covered on that too.
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    Unucky mate, I failed it last week myself, I also didnt like the toggle feature but I totally know what you mean about the clock - its hard not to feel the pressure when you know its going to be tight.

    Never give up, I know I wont.

    Good luck for the next one.

  • pr3d4t0rpr3d4t0r Posts: 173Member
    Unlucky m8, the key to pass ccna, is to have as less stress as possible, it's all in your head, feel confident for our self, relax, drink some water and U WILL PASS !!!
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    I completely agree with pr3d4tor.

    When I first took my CCNA exam I was totally stressed because I was worried about time. Like you I ended up completing the exam with 10 minutes remaining, but unfortunately had failed by one question. A week later I retook the exam while remaining calm and determined to use the full time allotted to me...especially on the SIMS. When I was ready to end the exam I knew I had passed before the result was displayed. Okay...maybe I still held my breath a little. icon_wink.gif

    During that second attempt I remembered someone sitting a few seats away from me in the exam room who was also testing for his CCNA. I remembered hearing him bang away on the keyboard during his SIMs, and hearing how frustrated and rushed he was. It was then when I realized that I was acting exactly like him during my first attempt, and needless to say...he didn't pass.

    By the way, I know you'd like to pass this exam on your own without any outside help. However, sometimes it's good to sit in on a study group, or maybe even take a refresher class. This will allow you to see areas that you've been missing during your self study. What supported me in passing my CCNA was when I lead study groups. Teaching others reinforced my knowledge of the CCNA material, and also made me aware of what areas needed additional studying. It can't hurt!

    Good luck on your next attempt.
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    834 ! that really bites!

    Consulation will be really nailing it next (and last) time.

    Go for it mate and really kick that ****** into touch!
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