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The internet is a great global communication medium, but is it slowing down as more and more people log on and web sites include more and more eye-catching graphics. Also, more people in countries where there are large populations are getting more access to the net, such as India and China, what happens when most people in these countries have access ? WILL IT GRIND TO A HALT ?


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    not necessarily as ISPs etc upgrade high end routers to cope with increased traffic and new technology prevents the slowdown of the global internetwork. Certain WAN technologies on shared internetworks can experience latency on heavy traffic segments and certain times of the day but its debatable.

    I think in general new scripting technologies also such as ASP and many other web techs have balanced out the speed.

    I think the internet will stay relatively the same speed as more connect, over time advanced methods of routing and switching etc etc balance this.

    Just one persons opinion tho

    anyone else?
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