connecting two switches

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I recently got a 2950 switch and wanted to connect it to my 2924 switch and get them trunking together. No big deal, but with the 2924 acting as the server and the 2950 as the client, the 2950 didn't want to add the 2924's VLANs to its table.

So I tried all kinds of fun things, like deleting the 2950's vlan.dat file and reloading the switches. No help.

What finally worked was resetting (suspending and then restarting) the VLANs on the 2924.

vlan database
vlan 2 state suspend
vlan 2 state active
vlan 3 state suspend
vlan 3 state active

Once this was done, the 2950 happily populated its vlan database with all the VLANs

Special thanks to the Cisco website for being of zero help. :)
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