OK so I... How much overlap...

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Today I finally gave up on the RIS server idea (it still must be done tho') because we got hit with the symantec update virus. It was frustrating but, i got to man about three different servers today. I also had to setup (or re-setup) the print server from scratch. It has over a hundred printers on it. At any rate, I noticed that this was beyond the scope of 70-270 (for the most part). I checked, and, administering a print server was chapter 8 (in my book) for 70-290. This is most of what i do, aside from a few desktop issues. Maybe i should have started with 70-290 first. I am very bored with 270, I feel like im going backwards ...............

OK, so in my travels/studies pursuing 70-270 i have noticed that some of the questions i have encountered are beyond the scope of the material. Also, perusing the table of contents in the books, I have noticed a significant amount of overlap in the material covered.

Question: How much overlap is there in the 270, 290, 291 suite of exams?
Im about 50-65% ready for the exam (could be being modest) and I think i should begin studying 290 around this time... Could help or hurt.... But again, how much overlap is there?

Any suggestions from those who have done it, those who are doing it, or those who noticed this as well and would have done things differently if they did it again.
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