LAN network setup with win XP

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hi everybody
I am new to networking i have three computer with windowx xp professional on all and i have one hub i want to connet these three computers with each other to make peer to peer network( just simple network for file sharing and printer sharing with TCP/IP protocol)
please help me how can i connect three computer or tell me website from where i get information from very basic about network LAN setup

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    The most basic thing you can do is change the workgroup name of each computer to be the same, such as "workgroup". That way, you can share files and folders among the computers, allow the sharing of printers, things like that. If you're looking to do more advanced things, I'd say your first step should be a trip to the bookstore for some reference material on the basics of home networking, and a hop on over to TechNet and then take a look at some simple howto's, like How Stuff Works.

    Microsoft has some other help sites, but TechNet should be your first stop if you're really interested in learning about the inner workings of XP workgroup networking.

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    In a workgroup environment, do these things:

    1. Make sure they are all part of a workgroup of the same name, as Slowhand mentioned. By default they already should all be part of a workgroup called "Workgroup".

    2. Set up the same user name and password on all three computers. You could create a user account on each computer called "Ali" and give them all the same password.

    3. Create a directory where you want to share files, or use an existing directory. Try for practice creating a folder called "Shared" on the root of C:.

    4. Share the folder by right clicking on it, go to Sharing and Security, and select the radio button to "Share this folder". Give it a name (it doesn't have to be the same as the folder name but for simplicity I keep it the same) "Shared". If you don't want everyone to have Full Control, click the Permissions button and change it. Best practices would be to leave the Permissions alone and use the security tab instead.

    Hope that at least gets you started. You should be able to browse network places and double click the computer with the shared resourse and see it from another computer. Post back if you need more help. icon_cool.gif
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    You will also want to make sure that the ip configuration is configured so the computers are on the same subnet. If the hub you are talking about is actually a home router, it should have dhcp built-in which will automatically configure your home computers to be on the same private subnet. If it is indeed a simple hub, you will need to manually assign ip configuration to these computers.

    Computer 1:

    Computer 2:

    Computer 3:

    In addition to the ip configuration, do everything the others stated regarding workgroup information.

    You could also run a utility called netsetup (Start > Run > netsetup). This will launch a wizard which will assist you in configuring workgroup information as well as ip configuration.
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