CCNA 1 Month to go woohoo

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Hey Guys

I'm 21 years old and will be undertaken my CCNA at the end of Jan the course consists of 40 weeks worth of CISCO lectures and hands on training via use of Labs

I'm really lookng forward to getting this qualification under my belt

Just to give you a bit of background regarding myself

I have 3 years experience working in the I.T sector during this time I have gained very little Network knowledge due to the Network guys refusing to hand down there knowledge it's like it's sacred of something lol

So I have basically had to gain what I know today through personal studies

Because I have a month until my course starts what materials should I be reading to give myself a headstart

I have access to the Network+ material and have understood the majority of this

Many Thanks

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    Pick up a copy of Todd Lamle's book published by Sybex, CCNA Study Guide 5th edition. The course will probobly use the Cisco Press books, which were not well written even though they had very good info. Todd's book will help you get a head start on stuff, and while taking the course his book will help you understand stuff that the Cisco Press books don't explain well.
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    also try the Cisco Press books, there is the CCNA ICND Cisco Press book which is great
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    Your story about your work sounds all too familiar. I actually know a CCIE who still is not being accepted by the network staff, and he is one of the nicest guys you would ever know. My advice to you is to leave that company if possible for a company that cares to help people.
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