Need your advice to become a MCSA 2003 !!

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Hi there

I got my MCSA 2000 and MCDST this year. I have passed the following exams so far:


I have failed 70-292 2 times, if I want to upgrade my skills to Windows Server 2003, should I prepare & study 70-290 and 70-291 instead ?

Please kinldy advise

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    bighornsheepbighornsheep Member Posts: 1,506
    hey...sorry to hear about that, but cheer up!

    I achieved my MCSA on 2003 with much pain also, I passed the last required exam last week in the traditional way of 290, 291, 270 + elective. I think you can probably see the long lists of threads about the difficulty of 292/296 in the MCSA/MCSE forum.

    Speaking about 291, I myself took 4 times to get it. From the looks of things, 292 and 291 are probably somewhere in the same range in terms of difficulty.

    In my hard times with 291, and apparently for many others, AD, DNS, and RRAS wasnt easy. Throw in WSUS, IPSec, GPOs...you can see the reason behind all the threads....

    Perhaps you could ask yourself what is difficult about 292 for you? If it's any of the above, perhaps 290+291 will not be much different. If it's something else, you could consider 290+291, since the named above probably shouldnt be foreign to you from your MCSA on 2000.

    In any case, DO NOT feel down or discouraged! Enjoy the new year break, and hit it once again![/b]
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