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Hello I have a question to ask about CCNA VS.. CCDA. My Employer wants me to get a Cisco Wireless Cert but you need a CCNA OR CCDA.I have taken the ccna last year and failed 775 so my ??? is someone told me to try the CCDA Before the NA..Your Thoughts Please!!!


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    You need "CCNA Level Knowledge" for the CCDA .... and even though you didn't pass the CCNA last year -- that probably is enough.

    The CCDA isn't really a hands-on technical exam like the CCNA (and most other 640/642 level exams). This one is much more study and figuring out which stuff matches what's in the exam blueprint. The CCDA could "kill two birds with one stone" -- it could fill the requirement for the Wireless Cert and it might make you appreciate and miss the good old CCNA and motivate you to go back and give it another try.
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    I'd get the CCNA before you pursue the CCDA because the CCNA gives you a solid foundation that the CCDA builds on which is why in the CCDA review on it mentions that the CCDA uses CCNA level material.

    You can get a CCDA before you get a CCNA, but if you do that you'll just end up back tracking and studying a ton of CCNA material when you can just start with the CCNA to begin with.
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