..another soul sold ;)

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Ach... I couldn't wait any longer... aaachhhh.... sold my ass to a customer support team for some internet company. It'll get as technical as "what browser do you use" and as ugly as "yes, I'll check that billing info for you".

Without an MCSE and/or some hardcore live experience on a network there's just no getting a foot into the door. A couple of years desktop support don't seem to mean anything anymore, even though it gives you the right mindset, which I feel is the most important thing in the support buiz. (...yes, I know.. talk about whining... ;) )

Danggggg. So I'll see how far I can go there (... Managment here I come ;) ) and study for my MCSA/MCSE in my spare time, just to be on the safe side.
Does anyone have an idea how long the studying for an MCSA will take approx, taking 8 hours of work and 2 hours commuting per day and the usual "brain busted by interesting and stupid people" into account ?

..hgnn.... don't mind me.. I'm just drowning my sorrows.. ;)


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    GhentGhent Member Posts: 310
    This could be good thing. A lot of times companies look to their easy little help desk jobs like this for talent to be promoted to something bigger and better. I started off at my current job as an entry level help desk agent, and I'm now starting on the fast track to success. Just hang in there. Look at it as paying your dues.
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    ZumpelZumpel Member Posts: 53 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the encouragment. It's much appreciated.
    I'm already checking out the other departments, and it seems that the options are good.
    'tis amazing how easy one can adapt to virtually any business field nowaday when one is familiar with how systems work. At the end of the day nearly all business functions are so computer reliant right now that it's easy to pick up the "tool" knowledge, and the topic of the department then easily slots into the "still thinking in a tech-support frame of mind". Even the "people" aspect is easily covered... once you've dealt with "Irate" users and haven't killed a single one of them, the rest can't shock you any more. ;)
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