RIP version 2 (Next-hop)

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Dear Friends
How r u all ?? I wish u r all in very good health.I wish u could help me undestanding something in RIP V2. In RIP V2, New field introduced which is "next-hop address" . i notice that this field is always set to . i tried to undestand it from many sources but couldn't understands it well. can anyone help me and explain it to me in some details
Thanks in advance


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    Right from Doyle Vol 1, 2nd edition, if you can't understand this, then well I don't think anyone can help you.

    "Next hop identifies a better next hop address, if one exists, than the address of the advertising router. That is, it indicates a next-hop address, on the same subnet, that is metrically closerto the destination then the advertising router is. Is the field is set to all zeros (, the address of the advertising router is the best next-hop address."
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