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Luckly I checked the recommended reading list for the CCIE Security Lab and noticed that there where some books that had been added to the list since I last checked..... so I'm placing my 2nd Cisco Press order in 3 days (to take advantage of the 50% off 3 books or more offer good until Dec 31st). I had gotten some of the "good ones" but now I'm going for the "fluffy" ones.... and a couple of the other ones that probably aren't needed for the Lab.

I did a quick check yesterday on the SP list and nothing jumped out at as being changed. Since I had gotten most of the new Voice books, I didn't even bother checking the Voice List.

But I just took the time to compare the old R&S list to the new list..... The Developing IP Multicast Networks, Volume 1 that I had added to my study list is now part of the official R&S list.

I'm surprised that Deploying IPv6 Networks wasn't added to the list....

Surprising -- MPLS and VPN Architectures (Vol 1 & 2) are now on the R&S list. I'm going to take that as a hint that doing the MPLS exam to get the CCIP wasn't a waste of time. :D I guess MPLS is going mainstream on the customer side and may find its way into the next major revision of the R&S Lab and Written.

Update: Yep, a whole new Service Provider section added to the SP Book List. That's probably for the combined Written that's coming up.... and possible future Lab updates. I already have most of them... just need to get a couple of the newer ones.

The Voice list is smaller then it had been.... no more IP Communications recommended section.... just one small main list now. Hum....
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