Failed 70-272 with a score of 651

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Well, I guess you could say 2006 ended for me on a sour note as I made only a 651 on exam # 70-272. Two more questions right would've possibly put me over the passing score of 700. icon_mad.gif

Got stung by a bunch of Windows Firewall questions, but I sure did not expect as many questions about Remote Desktop! I used the MS Press study guide and ExamCram2 books for 70-272 and didn't see much info about Remote Desktop. Also, the questions were vaguely worded and very tricky!

I usually run through the exam a few times and use most of the time alotted. But, I have been known to change answers and I probably had a few questions right the first time only to later change them, which possibly caused me to fail.

Hopefully, I am gonna pass the second time around. Will definitely need to focus more on Remote Desktop and Windows Firewall, but will try not to ignore the other stuff (IE, OE, Office, Outlook, etc.). Would appreciate any other ideas or study suggestions to get myself over the 700 mark and hopefully higher.


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    To bad about failing the exam, but put it down to experience. One book that I did find very useful for me was the Sybex book: MCDST: Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Study Guide (Exams 70 - 271 and 70 - 272), Deluxe Edition

    Hope this helps and that you'll pass the exam in the new year.

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    SORRY to hear that you failed. Stay with it and you will pass next time.

    Those questions sound like the typical Microsoft questions.

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    Good luck on your next attempt icon_thumright.gif
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    sorry to hear that...

    MS Press should have had lots of information on remote desktop and ICF/ICS, it's their "new thing" in winxp that they're really pushing for...

    study hard!
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    Sorry about that fail dude!

    definitely study up on IE, OE, and Office. Remote desktop and Remote Assistance are a must as well.

    I'm taking mine tomorrow, so look in tomorrow to see if I got it.
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    I remember seeing some things about Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance in the MS Press 70-271 book but not in the MS Press 70-272 book. Why is that?

    Got some other Windows XP books to draw info from which I hope will help me on my second try at 272. Hopefully I can also find some info online that will help.
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    I used the Sybex book, so I can't help you with the MS Press stuff.

    I can tell you, to check out this thread.

    It has free practice tests for 272.

    I always use Transcender and Measure Up before taking a test. I didn't this time (use transcender) because I don't feel like I need it.

    However, in the past I have found both of them to be very accurate. Just a route you might think about taking.
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