My Network+ Exam Experience

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Hi guys!

I'm from Austria and passed the Network+ Exam today. I am very pleased with the 820 points I got. I used the ExamCram2 Book from QUE. I can really recommend this book, however it's not ideal for beginners. It goes straight to the point without too much explaining. For me it has been an excellent preperation guide for passing the exam. I do have an IT degree, which made studying for this exam easier.

There where hardly any "surprises" in my exam. There where one or two difficult "troubleshooting" questions and a few questions, where I knew the answer was in the book, but couldn't remember it. The practice exams in the book and the exams on this website where are very good preperation. Not for learning, but for self-assessment to find out if one is ready to sit the exam.

I will sit the A+ Core Exam next week and again I'm using the ExamCram2 Book from QUE.




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    Congratz on the pass.
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    Best of luck on A+.
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