Is CCIP worth the work for getting a CCIE (R&S)??

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I keep on floundering on whether I am doing the right thing or not. I work for a service provider, but at the facility I work at we do not get into heavy service provider type configs (that his handled by another location).

So I keep on asking myself should I just go for CCIE(R&S) or should I do the CCIP route first and get better knowledge on MPLS, QOS, and BGP? Was curious also to if knowing the technologies would help me OUTSIDE of my company if I decided to leave in the future. It seems like those are service provider technologies ONLY, but would those technologies help getting a job out outside of the service provider market? Not really looking to leave my company but you know the old saying "Money talks, and BS walks!"

Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks and happy new year everybody!!!


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    Well seeing how MPLS, QoS and BGP are all topics on the exam or soon to be on the exam, I would think its a good idea :D
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    The CCIE SP is probably easier after taking the CCIE R&S. A CCIE R&S said the guys he worked with passed SP on their 1st or 2nd try after the R&S. He also passed along that it was more "straight forward" than the R&S Lab exam -- for what that's worth. :D

    The new Security Lab exam (and maybe the Voice Lab exam) seem to be more "independent" of the the R&S Lab exam.... but I'm betting that R&S makes the SP Lab exam "easier."

    I took the QoS & BGP exams to help with the R&S -- and went ahead an took the MPLS exam to get the CCIP out of the way -- but....
    mikej412 wrote:
    MPLS and VPN Architectures (Vol 1 & 2) are now on the R&S list. I'm going to take that as a hint that doing the MPLS exam to get the CCIP wasn't a waste of time. :D I guess MPLS is going mainstream on the customer side and may find its way into the next major revision of the R&S Lab and Written.
    Depending on your timing -- QoS and BGP yes before R&S (helped on the written too!).... and MPLS definitely before the CCIE SP. :D
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    mtbcyclistmtbcyclist Member Posts: 30 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys. Based on what I have read in this forum the studying for BGP (CCIP) has officially started. Figured it can't hurt. Only three test for the CCIP since I am already a CCNP. Not too bad and my employer should pay for it.
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