A+ Certified!!

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I'd like to thank all the people who made the articles here! THEY REALLY HELPED!!

I also have a question... When will CompTIA recognize that I have become certified? I took the Final Exam, the OS Exam, on Friday the 29th of December. When will they check that I have taken the exam? I registered on the CompTIA website and look at my certification progress. It only stops and shows my demographic update entry as my last action, nothing about my Exam on the 29th... I'm a little scared that they may not approve it... should I be scared?



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    Congrats on getting your A+.

    It may take awhile for your cert progress to be updated on CompTIA's website so I would not worry about it now. If it is not updated in the next few days I would contact them.

    If you took the 2003 A+ exams you will be CompTIA A+ certified professional I believe. If you take the new exams I think you could be CompTIA A+ certified IT Technician, CompTIA A+ certified Remote Support Technician, or CompTIA A+ certified Depot Technician depending on what exam you took.
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    No need to be nervous, it just takes a while for everything to kick into gear. The testing center has to verify that the exam scores are correct, then send that info to CompTIA. CompTIA has to verify the scores, then record that in their records. After that, the web interface has to actually propogate the changes, so it might take a couple of days, still, until you see the changes. My Security+ results took about a week to show up, while the Linux+ cert showed up the next day after the test.

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    I see now it makes sense. Could the fact that I took it on a Friday be a factor? Most people take weekends off so I'm just assuming they didn't work on the weekend/New Year's and Jan2 for the US Government thing...
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