What is the current CCDA passing score?

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Since I am studying CCDA using self-study material, I would just like to know what is the current CCDA examination passing score?

Will all the examination questions be Multiple Choice Questions, or will there be simulation-based questions like there were in CCNA?



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    passing score is 825.. and all the simulations are multiple choice. There are no router or switch sims.
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    Well, I am just coming back after giving my CCDA examination. (11/jan/2007)

    Here are the details:

    Passing score : 825/1000

    Areas where you will assesed:

    There are no simulation based questions using CLI which involves using routers and switches.

    However, unlike CCNA, CCDA had far too many drag and drop natured question. There were 7 drag and drop in my examination.

    In substitution for the simulation, CCDA exams have something called TESTLIT, which is actually a scenario based question, and 3/4 MCQ are asked based on each of the scenario. There could be upto 2 such TESTLIT during the examination.

    There are also couple of questions which are upto 20-30 lines in length (scenarios). Which is followed by one MCQ.

    There were a total of 51 questions in the examination, as opposed to 55-65 as advertised on Cisco website.

    I hope that this brief guide would have been helpful to all those who would be appearing for CCDA examination in the near future.

    Ghulam Attar
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    Hum.... you might want to edit your post.....

    1. Mention that you passed - I finally looked at your certification list to figure out you passed. Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    2. Review the Cisco Career Certifications and Confidentiality Agreement. Some of the stuff you posted could be an NDA violation..... "number of questions" is one of those "fuzzy things" -- did you violate that by stating the number of question total you had? Or did you violate it by stating the number of drag 'n drops? Or both? If you had stated that you X number of questions on Topic Abc.... then I'd probably say you had definitely violated that ""number of question" phrase in the NDA icon_confused.gif

    I think the moderator on the Cisco.com Certification Discussion Forum even posted recently that they consider your score "Confidential"..... Showing a co-worker or your boss your score report could be an NDA violation icon_confused.gif
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    very helpful!! :D
    though violating a little ;) it's ok, we won't tell anybody! hehe
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    Eh, I think if anything his information can just be used for time management. It's not like he's giving answers. He just stated the type of questions that are on the test, which is no different from anything the CCNA forum does.
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