problem with configuring catalyst 3560G switch

motherwolfmotherwolf Member Posts: 117
My Boss and I are trying to connect 2 3560's via dark fiber. Here is the configuration for the 2 switches:

Switch1 =

port 49 routed

default route =

static route =

Switch 2=

port 26 routed 192.168.0.was 4/24

port 25 routed

default route=

Now I have another problem. I was doing it on Ethernet ports and it worked. The problem that I am getting is when I go back and reconfigure port26 on switch2 I give it it gives me: overlaps with GigabitEthernet0/25

I am stressed and confused why did it work and now I get this error. Any help would be grateful.


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    HumperHumper Member Posts: 647
    Yes your problem is due to overlapping network addresses.....Look at your ports g0/25 and 26...same network 192.168.0.xxx/24 Since you are using routed ports this is not possible...This is definitely a CCNA topic.
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