Any ideas on how to run C# or VB like a vbscript (off topic)

I have been doing some things at work that require a fair amount of scripting using VBScript and Windows Scripting Host.

Idealy I would love to write scripts in VB.Net or better yet C#.

My boss does not like the idea of using an EXE or installing a .Net Script interpreter - or even using code dom on the remote computers.

They don't understand the technology and are afraid of it.

Anyways the VbScripts get pushed out as startup scripts via gpo.

The only ideas I have come up with so far are.

1. Making a C# application that sits on a network share, the application uses code dom to load a C# or script file and compiles the code in memory on the local machine.

2. Making a windows service in C# that sits on the local machine and listens on a TCP port for incomming packets. The packets would be the code to execute in C# or

Both of those ideas got me a stern lecture on how "unproven technology" is bad.
(Saddly commical I know)

So I am looking at two options...

Make a VBScript that Loads the .Net runtimes and compiles the C# Script in memory (very similar to option 1 lol)..

Or try to play around with the Visual Studio SDK to make a language extention for WSH or VBS - VS2005 has very limited support for both but aside from the color coding I might as well write the scripts in notepad.

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