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I have a B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in criminal justice. i looked for a job for about six months before going back to school to get an associates in computer information systems (which i am very close to getting) and at the same time getting certified (got the CCNA, working on the MCSA/MCSE). if i had spent more time looking for a job before going back to school, maybe i could of found one, who knows, but i had a growing interest in computers and sociology jobs dont exactly present themselves. anyway(to get to the point), it seems as though ive again choosen a path which doesnt seem to lead to many available jobs and great salaries, but i do enjoy both criminal justice and IT. im wondering if anyone might have any ideas about what kind of jobs might be available for someone with my background. i know that jobs dealing with law or the court system (which interests me) are a possibility on the criminal justice side of things, but could this in any way relate to computers or networking too? even if not, i guess i at least have a couple of options in deciding what path to take, and im still fairly young (26), but the best scenerio would be something that combines these two seemingly very different career paths. im not holding my breath that anyone will have the magical answer to this question, but any replies with ideas wouls be greatly appreciated!


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