CCVP - Call Manager Tutor Wanted

rmeuchelrmeuchel Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
If there is someone out there who is very experienced in deploying Call Manager / Enterprise Cisco VoIP solutions who is looking to make a little side money, please contact me. Specifically, what I'm seeking is someone who has access to a production (or very big lab) Call Manager, including integration with Gateways etc. I would like to do a MeetingPlace / NetMeeting / RDP type of scenario along with a phone call and walk through all the hows and whys of the configuration, including dial plan, partitions, calling search spaces, dial plans, device pools - and many of the Microsoft server specifics (since I've worked on almost exclusively Cisco switches, router, firewall and access points over the past 7 years).

I have deployed several Call Manager Express solutions and hold many Cisco Certifications. I have 3 tests passed out of 5 for CCVP. I am going to be thrown into a very big Call Manager deployment soon and feel that it worth my while to get some quick training if possible. I don't have time to attend a CCVP bootcamp. I would be willing to pay a fair hourly wage via Paypal or some other kind of similar means.

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