ATM Simulation

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Do any one here knows a link on the net that will show how to simulate an atm connection between two routers (back to back) via asym or console port.


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    If you don't want to simulate/emulate it all with Dynamips (routers and ATM) then you might want to look at some ATM encapsulation over back-to-back T1s -- the old MC3810s could do it ..... here's a Back-to-Back Voice over ATM example.
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    Hey!!! ... Ye old 3810's are underrated ;) I'm using one right now as an h323 gateway and finessing some QoS stuff. I've decided to set up a 3640 I have sitting around doing nothing as an MGCP gateway ... Eventually I will need CME but I'm not in the mood for dishing out money right now
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