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I have a small network with one 2003 SBS and three clients setup that I mess around with. Recently I noticed that I can't browse to the server thru network neighborhood from any client.

I can browse to other clients and see shared resources but no the server. Also at the server I can't browse to any clients thru network neighborhood and it says I don't have the permissions or path can't be found when I try to install something from server to client.

I have the server running DNS, DHCP and I have all of the clients with reserved IP addresses from DHCP. I can ping the server by IP and name and I am able to use all mapped drives and resources.

I just can't figure were I messed up. Thanks for any advice and I will let you know if I crack it first.



  • sthomassthomas Member Posts: 1,240 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Is Windows firewall (or another software firewall) enabled on the Server?
    Working on: MCSA 2012 R2
  • boyles23boyles23 Member Posts: 130
    No windows firewall isnt running nor ICS for that matter. I also have no other firewall program running as of current. Routing and remote access is disabled would that affect whether I can access the server via network neighborhood?

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    Try browsing then checking the event log. If it isn't a firewall issue, you "should" see some warnings or errors in there. Also make sure NetBIOS is enabled and running.
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    I've seen this at one of my clients before, check the following:

    Unknown or Orphaned Services from old programs still running on the server.
    TCP/IP Properties - Especially Special VPN Access Enabled Here.

    Failure to Ping Workstations seems to point primarily to the Server, so concentrate on tracking down what's going on with it. Stop most services, except those needed for network access, etc. Do a ping <workstation> -t and slowly shut down services and see what's causing it.

    Keep me posted!

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