MCTS/MCPD Training

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Does anyone have recommendations for MCTS/MCPD Accelerated training/boot camps? I have been working with .net 1.1/2.0 for about 2 years now and would like to get certified. My company would be willing to pay for a boot camp. I have been looking at CED Solutions, Adventos, and Netcom info so far. Does anyone know about these companies or know of others?


  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,876 Admin
    I would suggest looking at the sponsors and recommendations of .NET user groups Web sites, like this one They will have bootcamp sponsors and people posting in their forums about taking them. Google for C# and VB.NET user groups in major cities for the best results.

    I have heard that programming bootcamps are 3-5 days of the constant cramming of information into your brain, and there's no way you can possibly absorb it all. It's best to "know what you don't know" when going to a bootcamp, so you'll know what information to pay extra attention to.
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