pass 290

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WHOA!!! Just made it by with a 700. I just used MS Press, worked through the labs on my test environment and crammed my brain. Plus I went through formal MCSE training over a year ago. There were definately things not in the book on the test. It was easier than 70-272 though, which I never passed after 2 tries.

Question, in order to be a MCSA, must you pass exactly 70-270, 290, 291 and the elective? Or could it be three of the 2K3 disciplines and an elective? Because I'd really like to just take 294 and 298.


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    Congratulations on the pass. And yes, you must pass 70-270, 70-290, 70-291, and an elective in order to become and MCSA. Take a look at the MCSA site to see what your choices for electives are.

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    Slowhand answered your question.
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    Congratulations nooch511
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    Thanks. I better get crackin' on 291.
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    Awesome job!!!!
    WIP Vacation ;-)

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