Prerequisite knowloedge for CCDA.

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Reading Johan's reply in this post where he say's
Webmaster wrote:
It would be pretty much impossible to pass the CCDA exam with 'just' your CCNA knowledge... especially now SAFE and VoIP is added...
I am wondering what other certifications/experience would be best to have before attempting this certification ?


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    A CCNA and work experience should be enough but it also depends on your daily job.

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    I found that the CCNP did help with the CCDA.... but it isn't required. The more you know just makes it easier.

    Make sure you consult the exam blueprint often while studying so you don't miss any of the trivia.

    I've always wondered about people who "design networks" but don't have any idea how to really build them..... oh, sales people. icon_lol.gif But I have seen sales people understand a problem and solution, and modify an existing solution for a new customer.... those guys/gals are fun to have around.
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    That kind of makes sense really. I mean you wouldnt hire a car designer who had only ever driven a car and never put one together.
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    well in theory it's better to know how it's done when doing it for the first time when having "ideas" about how it can be done.. and everybody has to start somewhere!
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