Help me!!!! Winxp problem

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Hi everyone- hope i can get some help on this one. I am using Windows xp--and when i click start-and programs--nothing comes up! I have tried even changing the properties and dragging the programs in there so it could show up--but still nothing!! Can anyone help me to get these programs to show up---when i looked in MY COMPUTER--program files--they were in there...but not showing up.HELP!


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    IT may also help to know that this laptop has 3 different user settings--could this be why its not working? icon_eek.gificon_confused.gif: icon_confused.gif: icon_confused.gif:
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    is this aproblem with some or all users?
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    yah someone yes bellboy- I have two other users on it with their own settings. Neither of them can click on programs to see all of the applications. Another weird thing too--when I go to add/remove programs from the control panel>change/remove--I dont have any of my applications saved in there!! This is so weird because the programs are installed and can be run. So when i go on add new programs--bam i get an error message such as run a dll as an app... Funny thing is I can even get to use the "run" or search, help and support options---everytime i click on those it asks me if I want to make a shortcut to my desktop. icon_rolleyes.gif Any help on this bellboy will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    well I did this and it worked for now. I changed the view to classic start menu. I would still love to use it the regular way--so anyone who has an idea let me know.

    Im still having the error messages on add/remove programs though icon_sad.gif
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    If it occurs on multiple computers there must be a recent change that causes this... Did you install any sofware lately?
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