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I dont know where to post abt this i am posting it here....
I am having two member servers 2003 and we have configured clustering on both nodes. Previously a problem was coming :- I was not being able to transfer control to other node. So I forecefully deleted 1 node from the cluster. But now whern I am trying to again add this node to the cluster....I am not been able to do that!!!
Authentication error is coming....that the particular computer can be authonticated from the domain controller. i have even add the computer again to the domain..butthe same problem is coming..there is some kind of failed to authenticate message is coming...
If anybody is having any idea.....plz reply as soon as possible..
thanx in advance


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    With Clustering, there are several things you want to make sure of.

    1. Installing Clustering is one of the first things you want to do when you install Windows
    2. You use a dedicated cluster service account (not necessary but recommended)
    3. The software you are using for clustering is cluster aware
    4. Does the application need a virtual server inside the cluster? A virtual server is a resource group that includes a network name and ip address.
    5. Make sure your cluster is using a dedicated ip address.
    6. Make sure your cluster has 2 nics, one that is set for the heartbeat and one that is set for public communication (public means clients on internal network).
    7. Make sure you specify in the cluster manager which nic is set for heartbeat and which is private.
    8. The resource group you want to fail over to the next node, make sure the resources inside that group are set to have a possible owner for both the current node and the node you want to fail over to. This will allow the second node to control those resources.
    9. If you want the resources to fail back to a specific server after they have failed over, putt he preferred owner of those resources in the preferred owner list in the properties of the resource group. In addition, configure a fail back policy so you can specifiy if the fail back occurs during after hours or if it should fail back immediately when the preferred owner comes online.

    There are definitely a lot more, but this should help, which I hope it does.
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    brother...that is ok...but the problem I am facing is that ...previously I evict a node from i was not able to transfer resources to that when I am trying to again add the node to the cluster again....some authentication error is coming...
    And all the parameters told by you are configured....
    suggest something more
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