Equipment for new BSCI exam

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Hi All

Recently passed the BCMSN exam in December, and am now looking at taking the new Routing exam. Luckily, at work, we have shed loads of 2620 routers (about 10 going spare).

I've included a link regarding what's on the new exam below

I was thinking of borrowing about 5 of the 2620's. This should be enough, but is there anything else that I would need? I've still got about 3 2900XL switches that I was going to put on eBay....I take it I won't need any of them?

Many tia


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    Do you have any other switches you're keeping? If not, you might want to keep one for the multicasting part -- or checkout IGMP Snooping before you sell them.

    You'd also want a switch for some QoS in the 642-845 ONT exam.
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    Maybe worth hanging on to the 3550 EMI switch then. I've also got some 2900XL's lying around.

    Problem is, it's going to be a hassle to keep unconnecting and connecting the console cable from the routers all the time. Is it possible to use one of the 2620's as an access server does anyone know with the help of some octo-cables? I've heard of peolpe doing this, but can't find anything on the Cisco site?

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