Starting preparation, need tips

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I was deployed to Iraq before I could take the 2003 objectives exam in 2005, and now that I am back home, a friend at work and I are going to start studying for the 2006 Objectives.

I found a book by Sybex, and I have Michael Myer's Passport for the 2003 objectives I will be using, as well as several practice tests. We will be getting together once a week after work to study and quiz.

We work for Perot Systems, and the company will pay for practice tests from as well as any exams we pass, so hopefully we will be more than prepared when it comes time.


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    Welcome to the site and Thanks for your service :)


    Starting with the Objectives is a great place to start!
    I have the Sybex book and since it's currently the only one on the market 'covering' the newest objectives...a good resource.
    I hope you have access to some lab-time too! This will prove invaluable!

    Sounds like you have a good plan. Do you have a tentative date set? Sometimes 'study' becomes more productive with a set date in mind. Even if you don't officially book the timeslot until about a week prior, you'll have that mental goal.

    Best of luck and post any quesitons you have in the appropriate forum.

    Check out the TechNotes on this site as well as the practice exams.
    If you desire some additional video material, both CBTNuggets and have some quality materail....maybe not for your A+ but definately for your 'higher' level exams should you continue to work toward more exam goals.

    A number of people to enjoy the PrepLogic material too.

    And when you are ready to take your exam, visit{18567D5A-E590-4C16-831F-A9A584E52DD4}
    To look for some savings on the exam costs.

    Best wishes!
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    Yeah, we have access to labs. I'm a deskside support analyst, he's a pc/lan technician, 40+ hours of lab weekly :D We're taking this test b/c we've both gotten into ruts and will stay that way unless we force a change. Evals are coming up, too. :):)

    I have thought about that, since I've been studying for the test several times but never taken them, telling myself "first week of March" will give me an idea of how long I have to study, give it something less abstract to gauge from.
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