Preparing for 70-284.

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I am preparing like hell for my last MCSE exam: 70-284. I am mainly using the MS Training Kit and tips from forums like this. Shame I discovered this forum so late.

70-284 exam is in two weeks, and I am looking forward to the certificate after those months of (hard) studying.

Does anyone know on what topics the emphasis during the 70-284 exam will be? Since there are no sims in the exam (I've heard), is it possible to prepare for the exam without a test lab?


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    There is absolutely no way to prepare for this exam without doing a lot of labs. Heck, doing an exam without doing the labs is a bad idea. Exchange is a big topic, and what better way to learn, than doing? As I posted in another thread, my exam is this coming Thursday.

    This is what I am using to prepare for it:
    I've read 2 books so far (MsPress and EC2), lots of Technet, have read through a lot of the Exchange 2003 Technet library information, tons of labs, and am watching all the on-demand webcasts for 2003 right now alongside Transcenders. Can't wait for Thursday!

    Here are some good sites to read up on to better understand/learn exchange:
    Microsoft Exchange On-Demand Webcasts
    Exchange 2003 Technet Library
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    Thank you for the tips. I've indeed used several sources of information you mentioned, but I didn't see before.

    Yes, you're right, MS Exchange is a big topic. I'll take this exam purely for becoming an MCSE; I doubt I'll ever get into Exchange again after this. Preparing for the other exams was fun to do (really!), but this 70-284 has become really boring (for me).

    Anyway, I probably should get over this, and invest the effort of setting up the labs.

    Good luck next Thursday!
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