OK folks - teach me VOICE :)

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dear folks,

boring with R/S and security this that - now i want to move to something that i've forgotten long ago.
does voip still an end to end specific vendor?

tell me this :
i have 2 3640 routers well connected using hdlc acting as h323 gateway.
my client is pc-based phone using netmeeting (pure IP - no analog).
why cant i call the other end by using this command :

dial-p voi 1 voip
sess-targ ipv4: (/24)

dial-p voi 2 voip --> phone number 2222222
sess-targ ipv4: (/24)

and when i trigger with netmeeting (h323 gateway configured) on the oether end - the router said no route to destination.

h245 error said its lost the socket.

any idea??

the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.


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    Try adding these lines:

    voice class h323 1
    h225 timeout tcp establish 3
    dial-peer voice X voip
    voice-class h323 1

    You'll also need to put destination-patterns in each dial-peer.
  • rossonieri#1rossonieri#1 Member Posts: 799 ■■■□□□□□□□
    hello johny5,

    thanks for th reply.

    yup - i forgot to type dest-patt here - sorry:)
    that is :
    dest-patt 2222222

    my ios ver js-mz-12.2-29

    i've found something from cisco that h245 tunnel should be disabled otherwise the call initiation will fail and to activate a hidden command :

    voice serv voip
    h245 caps mode restrict --> not found in the ios
    h245 tunn disable --> not found

    but i'll try yours first.

    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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