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wow this week has just been so bothersome. Lets just say that when i open my internet explorer--The page is loading for a very long time. Then I have to press (X)stop and then home. This is the only way I can get around online to my home setting--either doing that or typing it in the address line. I would just like for my homepage to load when I click IE and start surfin' my favorite sites like this one. I looked into internet options--and the same homepage is there... but most of the time I dont see the address on the status bar--I see an ip address.


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    Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Are you using a dial up modem?
    Have you added any programs before this happened?
    Are you the only one who has access to the system?
    Does the modem dial correctly and does it connect to your ISP normally?
    After it connects, are you able to get any other website?
    Have you changed your home page to another site and reconnected?

    These are a few details that might help in diagnosing the problem.
    If you've installed some program that self-adjusts your explorer, like a cheap firewall or something similar, it could be the cause. If others use your system who knows what damage could be done. For that you'll have to begin uninstalling programs and drivers, then likely reinstall IE.
    When you connect to the ISP does it sound like the normal mating call and take about the same time as it always has?

    Homer sends
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