New Tech Notes?

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Is there any way that you could get some tech notes on DOS? I really dont know if they will have very many questions on it..its just thats about the only thing I don't really feel comfortable about. Thanks
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    Actually there is no DOS on the A+ OS exam... only left overs from DOS but that do apply to Windows as well.

    I know it is about time for new TechNotes for the A+ OS exam. I'm currently focussing on writing for CIsco and MS certs, but I'm looking hard for a technical writer / author to write more A+ TechNotes...
  • sprekinzebinarysprekinzebinary Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Really? That is definetly a big load off my mind...on to Win95...aight thanks a lot.
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    There are some dos type memory management questions on the tests, these are no more in-depth than what you need to understand to get WIN95 running. Like how to load devices into high memory, or get dos to use UMB's. I also remember getting one question each on emm386.sys and himem.sys.
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    the tech notes are kind of slim for the A+ OS test though...
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