IPExpert CCVP Class-on-Demand (free offer has ended)

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<< update: The free offer has ended >>

IPExpert marketing is running wild again..... icon_eek.gif

They started with the free eScenarios ( CCIE R&S page update (FREE Stuff - eScenario Labs) ... and I said this
mikej412 wrote:
Brilliant Marketing Ploy to win the hearts and minds of future CCIE hopefuls!!
You can get free access to the CCVP Class-on-Demand delivered via streaming video... they explain it on the product page.

Go to www.ipexpert.com -- Click on the Class-on-Demand menu button on the left. Click on the CCVP Class-on-Demand (Delivered via streaming video) link. Talk about bang for the buck!! :D

Now we have a brilliant Marketing Ploy to win the hearts and minds of future Voice CCIE hopefuls!!

..... I see them in my "Member Area" (since I'm already an R&S/Sec CCIE Workbook customer)..... and the "Film Reel trailing film" graphics to the far right are the links to start.
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  • ~Scott~~Scott~ Posts: 19Member ■□□□□□□□□□

    Thanks for the link Mike! I have already signed up.....

    I thought it would be a "taste" of the CCVP stuff, but it's the whole thing!

    Nice resource.....
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    yeah great stuff!! Thanks mike :D
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    Thanks for the plug, Mike. icon_wink.gif

    To all of you, please let me know when you get CCVP-certified so we can get you started on the CCIE path!
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  • D-boyD-boy Posts: 595Member
    Hi Guys,

    I just started studying for my CCNA, is it still worth signing up for this offer or should I wait? I would like to get CCVP after my CCNA... icon_wink.gif
  • mikej412mikej412 Posts: 10,090Member
    I don't see any reason not to sign up now. If they ever withdraw the offer, you would still have access for a while..... and the content should still be relevant for a couple more years.

    A couple of the eScenarios (under the Free Labs menu) they are offering for free would make good "CCNA torture labs" -- good practice just before you try the certification exam. The rest would be useful for other professional level exams.
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  • Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Posts: 145Member
    Hey Mike,

    Maybe too much time has passed, but I just created an account over there and tried to find the CCVP stuff. I can't find any CCVP stuff, whether free or not.
  • mikej412mikej412 Posts: 10,090Member
    The offer is over. People who signed up still have access..... but it looks like they don't offer the CCVP COD as a product anymore.

    The CCIE eScenarios are still free -- and they have a some Voice scenarios. And it looks like the "Video Solutions" are free now.
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  • Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Posts: 145Member
    Thanks Mike. Hope I will be half as knowledgeable as you in a year or so.
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