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Well, I might as well introduce myself here as well. I'm currently 14, I'm hoping to get certified by this summer. I've been somewhat working with a Microsoft employee. I'm currently trying to stuff as much as I can that I don't currently know. The only problem is, I'm surrounded with books that are for the 2003 exam. I'm not a genius, but my guess is that there will be new information on the 2006 exam. Since income is a minimum, I won't be buying anymore $60 books anytime soon. I basically want to know what major things will be on the 2006 exam that I won't find in my current guides. I'm more or less looking to learn what I can't off the internet, so links and information would be much appreciated.


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    You have until June 30th, 2007 to take the 2003 exams. I would just take those instead, you still have plenty of time. Good luck!

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    Well, learning the material from the most recent objective set will not set you back and won't be a complete waste of time. As posted above, you have until June, so buckle down and get the exams completed.

    Otherwise, download the 2006 objectives and you'll see where things overlap as well as the newer technologies you'll need.
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    Wow, June? I was way off then. I much appreciate your input then. Seems I have around six months to cram what I need to know. Hopefully plenty enough time.
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