linksys router config.stealth firewall.please help!

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hi ,
i ve bought a linksys 10/100 usb network adapter,model usb100tx, i am running windows 2000, my ip address is and i am trying to configurate the router,but i cannot access to access it(page cannot be displayed).
what is the problem?
if i try the edonkey2000 connection test ( message comes up "timeout : timeout on ip (6 sec)

this means, that we even did not receive a
RESET signal; maybe due to a 'stealth' firewall"
it is extremely important that i manage to deactivate the device firewall.

thanksx for your consideration.please help


  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member
    Ummm - exactly what are you trying to configure?

    Your IP address? - check under network connections. Basically what you have is a USB NIC - not a configurable router.
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