CCIE track confusion

sexion8sexion8 Member Posts: 242
Apologies if this question seems odd. Maybe I'm misreading Cisco's track/definition on the CCIE track. So no pre-req is needed to take the CCIE, I'm focusing a lot of time on what I hope will be obtaining the CCIE Security certfication. I will devote the next 6+ months to hard studies and hard labs (I already have IP Experts audio, video, too many books and nuggets to list... I'm also ordering an ASA to practice on that)... Anyhow, so what would happen should I pass the CCIE Security written. Obviously I would have to wait to pass the lab to truly call myself a CCIE, but... BUT... Being that I would pass the CCIE written, could I then take other exams say the CCDP, CCVP BEFORE I took the lab? Would passing the CCIE Security label me a CCSP? An enquiring mind wants to know
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