Is a 3550 really neccessary?

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Hi CCNP peeps,

I wanted to ask someone who might see this and have a CCNP already, do you really think that a 3550 switch is required to be able to get throught the CCNP? I saw that on, they recommended it in their CCNP labs so layer 3 swtiching could be seen. What do you all think? I hate shelling out $1000 for something I really don't need.

- Optimus


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    Most people skip it because of the cost.... unless they know they are heading to the CCIE afterwards. And since they are end of life they will eventually be pulled from the CCIE Labs.... so they may not be worth it any more.

    The layer 3 stuff is easy to learn -- no switchport & and add an IP Address. Enable ip routing and a routing protocol and it acts like a router.

    For any other stuff that may not work on a low-end switch, rack rental is always an option.
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    Lab rental is the way to go, for ccnp i never used lab rentals,i just learnt the stuff off,which is good for short term exam wise.Even if you are considering ccie since the lab now requires 4 layer 3 switches, lab rental is the only feasible option.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I can tell it is probably overkill than for a 3550 in a CCNP home lab. Small rack rental time would be sufficient. If later CCIE, than maybe I will go all the way with a home lab.

    - Optimus
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